Last week I presented at the Grains & Oilseeds Markets 2022 Conference in Singapore, organised by  Centre for Management Technology. The participants were the global heavy weight experts of Agro-Trading, Commodity and Procurement sectors.

I covered the opportunities Alternative Protein innovation could provide to cope with the increasing global meat demand and divert animal feed products back to human food. Drawing inspiration from  Big Idea Ventures  80+ portfolio companies.

Some of the key takeaways from this conference:

  • Simon Bentley from  Commoditia  warned that as we transition to “renewable everything” — so biofuels, fermentation based protein, plastics etc. a lot more pressure could be put on grains!
  •  Garima Jain  from  Louis Dreyfus Company  discussed the misconceptions of India are far from the reality where India is ranked as the 2nd in the World for Agricultural Production and Indian agricultural production has increased from 101 USD bn to 481 USD bn in the past 20 years (8% annual growth from 2000 to 2020).
  •  Evgeniya Dudinova from  Agthia Group PJSC  cautioned severe delays (>1 month) and budget challenges, badly affected by sky rocketing grains and oilseeds prices. Has created an interest to look at new markets for sourcing in the Arabian Gulf. “It is impossible to afford these prices in the long run, which is why we need to explore new formulations and sourcing locations”.
  • Ritesh Kumar  from Aastar Trading highlighted that rice is the only grain whose prices have gone down in the last 5 years in major growing/export origins and how wheat export bans by India has helped rice exports. However given the methane emissions of rice this could affect future carbon tax initiatives.

Thank you  Rebecca Cheng  for bringing us all together and the warm invitation to participate.

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