Thank you to the  Higher Colleges of Technology  for hosting the 2nd Advancing Food Security Conference which included enlightening presentations by leading experts. Below is the recording of the session opened by Dr. Ayesha Abdulla the recording includes our CEO  Seta Tutundjian سيتا توتنجيان ‘s presentation about “Why a Circular Food Economy is Critical for Food Security in The UAE”, as well as the presentations of Dr. Jaishree Asarpota,  Dr. Mohamed-Ali Mechraoui,  Dr. Dalal AlGhawas, Dr. Festus Edobor,  Giovanni A.,  Anthony Pollitt,  Wamadeva Balachandran, Ramakrishnan Raman,  Dr. Rashed Karkain,  Adem Rama, and  Ahmed Balboula.
A special thank you to the organizing committee from  Higher Colleges of Technology:  Munther GdeisatSamar El-Farra,  Tania Al Aghar,  Heather Webb, Ph.D., FHEA, Mohamed Eltholoth, and  Dr. Lana Hiasat
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Watch the recording here:

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