A report I have been working on this summer is published!

The AgriFoodTech in Southeast Asia – 2023 Ecosystem Report.

Published by Forward Fooding in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). In collaboration with Leonardo Paradisi, Sol Ponteville, Chloé Perez, Max Leveau and Alessio D’Antino.

💚 Southeast Asia’s growing middle-class population is demanding better-quality and nutritious food options, making it a growth market for the AgriFoodTech sector. If the region were a country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest economy. Already, it is home to more than 270 AgriFoodTech startups. Singapore, as a stable and connected global business centre, has emerged as a key food technology hub, while countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam offer favourable large-scale manufacturing opportunities.

🍏 The report highlights the state of play in Southeast Asia’s promising AgriFoodTech ecosystem and its strong growth prospects.

Through deep dives into the different markets and the challenges and opportunities they offer, the report offers readers usable information to consider entering and expanding into the region, and contributing to innovative and sustainable food production.

Thank you to all the expert interviews for shaping the narrative:
Andrew Yip • 葉建安 Angeline Leong, Anton Wibowo, Barbara de Penanster, Chanapol Tantakosol, Christopher Amhoff, François Vervial, Joyce L., Jolene L., Karen Tay, Kelvin Ng, Brandon Chong, Mihir Pershad, Mike Maté, Mirte Gosker, Rishita Changede, Sandhya Sriram, PhD.

My gratitude to the wonderful Forward Fooding team for inviting me to contribute to this project.

Download the Full Report here