Asian Movie Pulse – The inaugural JISR Film Festival brings the best of modern Arabian culture to Singapore.

Published March 21, 2024

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Supported by strategic partners including the Singapore Business Federation, Middle East Institute of Singapore, and Smart Cities Network, the conference will inspire discussions on a range of topics that are not only important in today’s economic and cultural landscape, they also hold particular significance for both the GCC and Singapore. Conference tracks include: film & digital arts, AI solutions in media and entertainment, digital trust, energy transition in the GCC, smart cities, sustainability & ESG, space economy and food security.

“The Gulf Cooperation Council and Singapore share a rich history of economic collaboration, and there is still much opportunity to raise cross-cultural awareness and further unlock untapped mutual growth. We see Singapore as a gateway to APAC, facilitating the GCC’s diversification beyond oil & gas into other trade industries and opening doors for partnerships within the region. We are proud to debut the JISR Film Festival in Singapore, serving as a bridge to deepen understanding between both regions. By showcasing the diverse heritage of the GCC and creating a platform for meaningful dialogue, we aim to usher in a new era of collaboration and elevate GCC brand equity” said Dr. Dalal AlGhawas, Founder, SWAPAC.

Film Studio Day Tour – Iskandar Malaysia Studios (28 March)

As part of the JISR Film Festival, the public is invited to join an exclusive film studio day tour on March 28, organised in partnership with Iskandar Malaysia Studios (IMS). A premier destination for filmed entertainment production in Southeast Asia, IMS features state-of-the-art film stages, TV studios, and extensive production support facilities. The tour offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to gain insights into the world of film production and explore potential partnerships between GCC and Asia Pacific regions. Registration is free via this link and limited slots are available.

ecoHarmony Fest – Ramadan Edition (till 9 April)

In addition to the film festival, business conference and film studio tour, JISR is also participating in the ecoHarmony Fest – Ramadan Edition, a 50-day festival featuring a bazaar with up to 300 retail and food stalls, accompanied by stage performances and a series of talks on topics such as parenting, healthy living, entrepreneurship and more. With its spacious set-up accommodating up to 1,000 diners at any one time, visitors can enjoy the diverse offerings of the bazaar while experiencing elements of Arabian Gulf culture brought to life by JISR.

Don’t miss this groundbreaking festival event that seamlessly blends culture and business, providing a unique platform for exchange and collaboration between the GCC and Singapore.