The Best of Arabian Cinema in Singapore

The inaugural JISR Film Festival in Singapore, to be held across four days in late March, presents a cultural odyssey of Arabian Gulf culture for Singaporeans to immerse themselves in.

Jointly hosted by food security consultancy firm SWAPAC, Singapore-based creative agency Cinepluto, in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation, The Middle East Institute, Smart Cities Network, and The Projector, the festival will consist of a three-part programme. The film festival proper will take place over two weekends on Mar 23 and 24, and Mar 30 and 31. On Mar 27, a business conference titled “Beyond Borders & Horizons: A GCC-APAC Partnership” will bring together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business stakeholders.

For those interested in an exclusive look behind the scenes, an exclusive film studio day tour organised in partnership with Iskandar Malaysia Studios awaits on Mar 28.

JISR Film Festival 2024: Breaking Age-Old Stereotypes

Using art as a medium to connect, the JISR Film Festival will feature the works and perspectives of established and emerging filmmakers from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Over two weekends, audiences will be treated to a curated selection of 17 films representing the diverse cinematic landscape of the GCC, presented alongside the important themes of sustainability, animation, sports, and female empowerment. Screenings will take place at The Projector in Singapore, the beloved cinephile hotspot famous for its support for indie and thought-provoking films.

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