The countries of the Arab world are cut from the same cloth, yet encompass a vibrant tapestry of dialects, cultures, traditions, and experiences. At the JISR Film Festival, get an insight into the colourful diversity of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries through documentaries, comedies, dramas, and animations that span topics from sustainability to sports.

Highlights include the climate-focused documentary from the United Arab Emirates, Road to Fulfillment, featuring expert testimonials on the impact of agriculture, marine life, and bees; an action-filled animation The Journey, co-produced by Toei Animation (behind Digimon, One Piece, and Sailor Moon); Saudi Arabian documentary INSIYAB, which follows two men’s three-year-long journey of running and walking across several countries; and award-winning Scales, a woman-directed dystopian film about a strong-willed girl who lives in a fishing village with a dark tradition of giving up daughters to sea creatures inhabiting the waters nearby.

Each feature-length film at the JISR Film Festival will be preceded by two short films. Tickets are going at $15. Check out the full line-up and book your tickets at theprojector.sg/themes/jisr-film-festival/

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